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TENA Identifi

Supports evidence-based continence assessments for improved individualized care.

TENA Identifi voiding reports – greatly improved care

The TENA IdentifiTM System helps care homes access detailed and previously unknown information about their residents’ voiding habits. It is a convenient system that tracks a resident’s voiding during 72 hours, generating a report with in-depth knowledge of patterns and volumes. The detailed information helps determine the most appropriate absorbent products, recommended toileting times and adjustments of care routines – contributing to more effective, and documented, continence care and improved resident well-being. 

TENA Identifi

A new level of knowledge

During the assessment, highly absorbent and comfortable TENA IdentifiTM Sensor Wear replaces regular incontinence protection. A silent, reusable TENA IdentifiTM Logger attached to TENA IdentifiTM Sensor Wear records the filling of urine. The information is automatically transmitted to a secure web portal where it is converted into an easy-to-read, graphic voiding report, always maintaining resident privacy.

TENA Identifi 2.png

Resident benefits

Comfort and dignity

  • Improved comfort with the right product (less leakage and skin irritation)
  • Fewer disruptions, including a better night’s sleep
  • Greater confidence and independence with customised toileting routines
  • Restored or improved continence 

Staff benefits

Improved working environment

  • Greater confidence in care decisions based on unbiased, detailed data about each individual resident.
  • More effective routines with optimised planning of toilet times.
  • Lower incontinence-related workload and more time for more rewarding care. 

Care home benefits

Delivering quality care efficiently

Evidence-based continence care plans facilitate improved resident dignity and well-being for a modern and progressive care home. Specific benefits include:

  • Easier documentation of care quality.
  • More efficient routines.
  • Better use of staff.
  • Lower incontinence-related consequence costs.

TENA Identifi Benefits



1Customer results from 324 before and after monitoring reports done with TENA
IdentifiTM in Denmark. The monitoring reports were done in the period from June 2013 to December 2015 in 20 different municipalities at 65 different care homes, home care groups and institutions.